How Budapest Shooting works

Just like in most countries around the world, shooting in Budapest is really straightforward. You just gather your team of shooters, select a package containing the weapons you like from our wide array of guns and head down to the shooting range.

Once you’re there, our gun safety specialist will instruct you on how to use the weapons if you have never fired one before and hand you the necessary safety equipment. If you’re all set and clear on gun use and safety, you can head down to the shooting rooms where you will find all the guns and ammo you’ve selected with your package.

Shoot away and enjoy!

The shooting range

Our shooting range, located in the outskirts of Budapest, adheres to professional standards of safety and cleanliness. The weapons are cleaned and maintained regularly and our staff of shooting instructors and technicians makes sure every piece of equipment is in good condition and safe to use for every shooter.

The range is easy to reach via public transport or car, with ample parking spaces in the streets surrounding the range. If you don’t want to find your way on your own, we provide a free transfer option from your place of stay to the shooting range with every booking upon request. We recommend you choose the transfer service for the most convenient trip to and from the shooting range.

Welcome drinks

We understand hitting a buzz is just as important as hitting the target, so you don’t need to worry about having something to drink after shooting! Every booking of our shooting packages comes with a round of cold beer to welcome you, but you can drink just after the session. Be warned however that handling live firearms requires a certain level of coordination and accountability, so if you arrive drunk at the shooting range, you can't take apart in the game.

Budapest Shooting for your Stag Do

Budapest shooting is also the perfect addition to your stag do - or if your girls are brave enough, hen party. Nothing gets the blood pumping like the loud bang and recoil of firearms in your hands, while your mates are cheering you on!

Book a spot on our shooting range for your stag group to celebrate your manliness, shoot with your stags and have a couple of beers on us to get the party going - after all, your big day should go down with a bang! To find out more about how the team of Budapest Shooting can help make your stag do memorable, read our dedicated page for stag do organizers or contact us directly!

Book your spot on our shooting range!

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