Stag do & bachelorette party

A team building experience, or a stag do is always a good idea. But what about having a bachelorette party at a shooting range? How is this experience for a group of girls? 

We can assure you! The experience is exactly the same, we don’t make a difference between strong and powerful girls and boys. Everyone can be a good shooter after we give you the right assistance and right tools. 

We got all that in Budapest Shooting Range, so we might just start telling you that if you ever get married and if your friends ever plan you a bachelorette party, then you will have to come to Budapest to celebrate it and participate in the following programs and activities.


To all our guests we offer free transportation from the city center, or from anywhere you are located. We can go and pick you up, and after the shooting ends, we will also take you back to your hotel or Airbnb.

Anyone can shoot, anyone is able to learn how to. Our trained professionals will tell you all the essentials you need to know and all the basics you need to start out. Have fun with your friends and girls in the range and calm down a bit before the Big Days comes. 


What about having team building with us? No problem, again, we got you. 


Team buildings can be tough to plan. So many people at the workplace, not necessarily with the same interests, so there is always someone who is not happy about the activity that HR figured out. Easy to solve – Go to the Budapest Shooting range, and believe us, everyone will be happy. 

Boys and girls are equal here, and everyone got some stress to let out or some steam to let go, here it is possible. 


What else would we recommend? We collected the best ideas for a great weekend in Budapest with many things to do and with some of the best party spots. 


You can start out the holiday with the shooting part, so the rest will be fun after everyone is relaxed. Go to a pubcrawl in the evening and enjoy the bustling nightlife in Budapest. 

The next day you will need a great lunch spot, we got you! Drinks and brunch are checked, now sightseeing is on the menu. Hop on our hop on hop off buses and make a long tour around the city, with the possibilities of getting on and off from the bus, whenever you like.

If you do not like the crowd and being with other tourists, then Luna Tours is a great opportunity – enjoy Budapest from e-scooters and cruise around in the Hungarian capital like never before! 

If neither sounds fascinating and looking for some more exciting and sexy for your group or stag party, you should try mudwrestling!

Environmentally friendly, fun and exciting, just like all the other activities we listed above. Why would you choose any other cities, if here you have absolutely everything? Finish off the trip on yet another pubcrawl and leave with the most amazing memories from the city of Budapest.

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