We got a brand new website!

Yes, you heard that right! Budapest Shooting Range got its new website and we will guide you through it now, so you can experience it again, get some interesting facts and must know from it. 

Until Budapest Shooting Range was a completely new experience, a completely new type of fun activity, but now, we have lifted it up to the next level. 

There is something terrifyingly satisfying in the smell of gunpowder and in the power of these rifles. Probably the best option to unwind from a long day and enjoy your stag do. Every potential husband nominee would like to spend their last free days doing something extremely manly before their life will change forever. Why would you do otherwise?Budapest Shooting Range is the perfect place for having one last round of fun and laughter before the Big Day. 

Many who come to Budapest only think about pub crawls, mud wrestling or strip club visits. They probably have never been to a shooting range or they are just too scared to try.

It’s time to do something together with the boys that will tighten your friendship bonds and will make you feel even stronger and more powerful than you already are! 

All of us ask the question before the Big Day: How should we celebrate the last days before the wedding? What can we do, that's truly unforgettable?

Getting married is a serious change in life, so no wonder that it became a standard to celebrate this moment with a blast. Since the bride and the groom are having fun on their own, this moment is quite memorable and special. This is the time to let off some steam and head to the wedding totally relaxed.

The shooting range will provide all you need; choose the Extreme package, so a free transfer will pick you up in front of your Airbnb or hotel and drop you off after the shooting event is over. This will be a day to remember, a memory for a lifetime! And spending it with your best friends and buddies will just add to the enjoyment level. 

But back to the website. We updated our packages and introduced you to the Weapons site, where you will find everything you need to know about the best guns, rifles and revolvers, all the firearms that are possible can be found at our shooting range. Many of the dangerous weapons that you can see here can be tried during the shooting. 

Organize your stag do, the warm up of your bachelorette or any other team building activity that you might want to spend in very exciting circumstances, in a unique place, since the Budapest Shooting Range is the biggest indoor shooting range in Budapest. 

Try it this season, and if you like it, who knows, you might get into it, and you would like to come every day of the season. Thankfully you have the opportunity to do that, our doors are always open!

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