Budapest Shooting Range: Unleash Your Inner Marksman

Shooting Range Budapest: Where Firepower Meets Adventure

Welcome to the largest indoor shooting range in the country! If you’re craving an adrenaline-fueled experience, look no further. Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned sport shooter, our Budapest gun range has something extraordinary in store for you.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Size Matters: Our 1000 m2 space dwarfs other shooting ranges. Get ready to explore a vast playground of firepower.
  2. VIP Treatment: Start your day in our private VIP room, where you can enjoy breakfast and unwind before the action begins.
  3. Expert Guidance: Our professional and friendly staff will be by your side throughout your visit. From must-know safety protocols to the thrill of hitting the bullseye, we’ve got you covered.

Weapons Galore

Hungary’s premier indoor shooting range boasts an impressive arsenal:

  • Countless guns
  • Rifles
  • Pistols

Prepare to be impressed as you handle these unique and exciting weapons.

Target Practice with a Twist

Our range features:

  • Two 25 m point shooter courts
  • Motorized and moving targets across 9 banquettes
  • 14 m long situational banquette mobile ball plier
  • Falling targets that challenge your precision

Team Building and More

  • Projector: Use it for team-building speeches or to showcase past shooting experiences.
  • Sound System: Set the mood.
  • Proper Lighting Equipment: Illuminate your adventure.

Souvenirs and Safety

  • Take home memories: Purchase licensed or unlicensed weapons and accessories from our shop.
  • Safety first: Our environment is super safe, with educated and experienced staff who are friendly experts.

Budapest Shooting Range: Where Fun Meets Firepower

Discover the thrill in the heart of Hungary’s capital.

Remember, at Budapest Shooting Range, every shot is a memory waiting to happen!

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