Our shooting range

The largest indoor shooting range in the country

We know, you’d like to know everything about the Shooting Range Budapest and all the details about the guns, the instructors, the rifles we have, the size and power of these weapons, and last but not least, you would like to know what you will get in return for your money at our gun range in Budapest.

This range is the largest indoor shooting range in the country, with a private VIP room where you can have breakfast and chill a bit before the shooting. The shooting range also has a professional and friendly staff that will take care of you the whole time while you are at the range. They will teach you and guide you through all the must-knows and fun parts of the afternoon.

We are happy to see you, no matter if you are an enthusiastic amateur or a crazy adrenaline rusher, we will take care of you and your friends or family. You may be a sport shooter – no problem! The ultimate experience is the same. Exciting and unique weapons are to your service at the biggest indoor shooting range in Budapest.

One of Hungary’s biggest indoor shooting ranges has the best weapons, in a big variety, as we mentioned before. Countless guns, rifles, and pistols, all to impress you and your friends.

Have you ever been to a large range? We promise you, ours is even bigger than that! A 1000 m2 space is waiting for you to get the most out of it!

What else can you find here?

We got two 25 m point shooter courts. Probably the most important feature is our motorized and moving targets which face all in all 9 banquettes. One, 14 m long situational banquette mobile ball plier and falling targets – What else do you need?

Probably good company, professional staff and an amazing mood to get into this shooting kingdom of Budapest and make everyone watch you holding our amazing guns!

Our Shooting Range Budapest is perfect for team building: We got a projector, sound system and proper lighting equipment. All for your disposal. Organize a small team building speech before the activity, get your colleagues and bosses motivated and hyped. If you are not a first-time shooter, you can use the projector to show them a slideshow about their previous shooting on this cool Shooting Range in Budapest.

If you have liked what you have seen, and you’d like to take home some memories with you there is a possibility to buy licensed and unlicensed weapons or accessories. In the shop all the necessary things can be bought immediately, so no need to wait until your next visit at the shooting range, you can enjoy your souvenirs at home.

Not only professional, but a super safe environment is waiting for you and your team, a shooting range with educated and experienced staff, who are friendly experts as well. If you want to see something big, something giant and powerful at the same time, Budapest Shooting Range is the best place for you. A shooting range full of fun and excitement in the capital of Hungary.

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