Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try shooting if I never fired a gun before?

Naturally, there are high level safety protocols. Our professional and well trained, experienced instructors will help you get accustomed with the provided weapons and all the necessary instructions.

Do I need to bring any protective gear?

All safety equipment is provided at the shooting range so you don’t need to buy or bring all your gear with you all the way to Budapest.

Is there any dress code?

You should bring something comfortable to wear, which doesn’t restrict you in movement of arms (for aiming) and legs (for stable positioning).

Can I try shooting while drunk?

Heavily intoxicated people are not allowed onto the shooting range. Alcohol is available at the shooting range to consume at everyone’s own responsibility, but if the shooting instructors judge you too drunk to handle a weapon, you will be asked to hand over your guns. The drinking age in Hungary is 18 years, so we cannot serve alcohol to our younger guests. In the case of drunkenness and smell of alcohol the instructors can and will prohibit the entry and no refunds will be available. Even if guns can be a great deal of fun, still, they are dangerous.

What kinds of guns can I try?

The selection of weapons you can shoot depends on the package you select. For information about the guns available, please check out our shooting packages or contact us!

Do you have special offers for stag groups?

We understand that a trip to the shooting range is a popular stag activity, so of course we are prepared to accommodate most stag group schedules. Contact our team and give us all the details of your stag do, we will do our best to offer you the best experience possible. The usual rules still stand, though: just because it’s your big day out, we can’t hand you a firearm if you’re intoxicated!

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