Top 3 indoor places to visit in Budapest


Sometimes, more and more often we need to let off some steam, we need to relax and chill a bit in the big rush and hectic times of the new year. 

In this article we have collected the best indoor activities you can do in the Hungarian capital. We managed to collect three, that is a must visit and must see in the capital. For sure there is a lot more, but we tried to keep our list short to convince you fast – this city is one of a kind and you shouldn’t miss it. 

So you’ve planned your exciting, fun-filled trip to Budapest and then you arrive and it’s raining. What’s next? No need to worry! 

Fear not because there are so many incredible things to do in the city whatever the weather is. From museums and art galleries to escape rooms and board game cafes, there are endless options for spending the rainy days indoors.

1. Firstly we have one of the most famous indoor activities in Budapest: Gellért Spa Bath! It doesn’t count as a Budapest visit, if there are no baths included. Budapest is a spa capital with many historical thermal baths, so this has to have a place on your list. Escape the rain and get soaking inside in one of the most famous thermal baths in the city. With a stunning interior, featuring creative tiling and mosaics, this is a beautiful setting for relaxation. Not only the surroundings but also the water will amaze you. Gellert Baths are also home to two beautiful restaurants, so if all that relaxation leaves you feeling peckish, you can enjoy a range of cuisines with a gorgeous riverfront view, that’s why it’s our number one pick! 

2. Indoor shooting range – sounds exciting, right? We bet you’d like to try it. 

It is fun, not average and you can do it in teams, together with your friends, which makes it incredibly exciting! It is recommended especially to the stag dos, since every potential husband nominee would like to spend their last free days doing something extremely manly before their life will change forever. Isn’t it true?

Budapest Shooting is an indoor shooting range not so far from the heart of the city – but doesn’t matter where you are, because we can easily pick you up from any location, any hotel or from in front of your Airbnb. Call us and book an appointment and we will arrange a transfer for you.

3. What is our third top option? Escape rooms. Budapest is full of the best escape rooms in Europe. Many of them are truly exciting, especially if you come with a group of friends, as a team. There are plenty of options, you can choose from different rooms with different themes. Have you ever tried it before? We are prepared with different difficulty levels, so everyone will find the best match.

Was it enough to convince you about Budapest? We hope so. See you here!

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