Basic Range Etiquette Everyone Should Know

It's your first time in a shooting range and you feel a little anxious? That's totally normal, however, you must pay close attention for the etiquette rules around the shooting range. This will allow you, and all your friends to have an uncomplicated shooting experience with us!

Always assume that the guns are loaded! They are probably not, but accidents mostly happen when you least expect it. Don't point any of the guns to yourself or someone else, even if it's supposed the be a joke.

Outfit is important! Please leave your best clothes at home and pick something which you don't mind getting dirty. Always wear closed-toed shoes and preferably something with long sleeves.

Don't be ashamed of being a beginner! Everyone starts at somewhere, but please don't assume that you are a great shooter by nature. Most hobby shooters practice long years before calling themselves, experts. Remember, there is no shame in asking questions and seeking help from the professionals.

Always wear protective gear! We provide all the equipment and all the protective gear too, please use them all the time.

All set? Great! It's time to have fun with us in Budapest's best shooting range! 

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