Important Safety Tips for a Shooting Range

So you’ve booked your session at the Budapest Shooting Range and you’re ready for a thrilling experience. Then it suddenly sinks in: you’re about to handle a weapon of lethal force! How can someone without all of the official training do something like this? The answer to this question is: with great caution! You need to be fully aware of what you are doing all the time, be completely prepared before you enter the range, and don’t ever forget the following safety advice:

Always wear protection for your eyes and your ears, as recommended by the supervisors. This will protect you from any debris from the shots, and also from the loud noises.

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, even when not loaded. Guns need to be treated as if they are loaded at all times, to make absolutely certain that accidents never happen. Also, don’t ever put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire, and always keep the gun on the safe mode until then.

Make sure you are completely familiar with the gun you are using before you use it and understand as much as possible about it, so that you are ready to use it capably. Those who lack sufficient knowledge of the weapons they are using may become a hazard to both themselves and to others.

Pay attention to the rules of the shooting range you visit, and listen carefully to your supervisors at all times. Also, be sure that you understand the instructions used at the range, which may be such terms as “clear” and “ceasefire”. It is important to not go “down range” (where the targets are) until firing has stopped and you are clear to do this.

Provided that you follow this safety advice and enter the range with a clear, sober and sensible state of mind, the experience cannot fail to be educational as well as hugely enjoyable and rewarding. It will make for a winning afternoon out with your friends and a great time to remember at Budapest Shooting.

This article may contain old information!

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