Iconic Gunslinger Heroes

Gunslingers are an iconic part of the American folklore, this is a well established fact of life. However, it is a little known fact that these figures affected not just a single nation, but the whole world. Their stories, amplified by popular culture, have reached the masses far and wide. We want to dedicate this blog article to a few of these heroes.

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was an American Old West lawman and gambler in Cochise County. His wikipedia article even mentions him as a professional gambler, which is supposedly a whole different class of gamblers. Nowadays considered as a legendary frontiersman, Wyatt was always on the lookout for the next quick buck. He was involved in several iconic gunfights, and emerged victorious.

Billy the Kid​

Billy the Kid shares a similarly infamous story, yet much more short lived. He was an American Old West outlaw and gunfighter who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at age 21. That is the end of it, you might think, but was only the start of his popular icon story, where he is often portrayed as a lovable brat, romanticized as a Robin Hood kind of figure.

Chris Kyle

Also known as The Legend, as seen in the movie of Clint Eastwood, titled American Sniper. While the other two figures might have been legendary or infamous, Chris Kyle earned his title fair and square. Known as the most successful rifleman in American military history, Kyle, a US Navy SEAL, is attributed with more than 150 confirmed kills.

While we are far from the times of the Wild West, or even the hot conflict zones where Chris Kyle operated, you can also try your best as a shooter at our range. Try your luck in a controlled, responsible and safe environment, and see how much of a gunslinger you are!

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