Want to Shoot Some More? Try This While in Budapest!

Once you've tried shooting, there is no going back. Holding guns in your own hands and firing them gives great pleasure to every man in the world, but it might get boring after only shooting paper figures. Why not try something else instead? (Without causing any serious harm, of course!)

If you have already tried shooting with your friends in Budapest, we recommend another fun, tiring and overall great program to try - curious, what it is? Let us help a bit: the game has a spooky similarity to video games, but it's perfectly safe to play. If you guessed paintball, you are right! You only have to grab your friends together, and nothing else, as we take care of all the guns, safety gear, transfer, and instructions.

The paintball range is located just outside of Budapest, which is a perfect place if you want to let your inner beast out. The venue is huge and you can easily spend half the day playing in a team. If it's your first time at a paintball venue, you will get full instruction about how to use the guns, where to aim at and all the important stuff. You don't have to worry about your best clothes getting soaked in paint: Paintball Budapest offers free safety gear and clothes, and a well-trained instructor, who will be there to help and answer all your questions on the spot. 

Well, of course, paintball is not just about going around the venue and shooting all of your friends (and enemies) with huge amounts of ink. You are going to get a task to complete on spot, for example, tearing down the enemy's flag, protecting a VIP person in your group or even searching for a "bomb". One game usually lasts about 2-4 hours and if you don't have a full group, we will pair you up with another one. 

So there's nothing more left than booking the game: you can choose from Paintball Budapest's three most popular packages, depending on how much time and money you want to spend on this event.

Get to know more and book now on their website and let's get the party started!

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